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single family house

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A "Mercedes of the heat pumps"?

Even the car dealership of the BrinkmannBleimann GmbH opts on his site Güstrow for SmartHeat. In addition to the existing oil heating system ensures since 2013 a SmartHeat aero 080 pleasant temperatures in the heating season, using an underfloor heating system or in the workshop by means of an air register. read more

Geothermal and solar thermal installation

On Wednesday November 24th, 2010, a new geothermal and solar thermal system was handed over at the aeromedical institute of the air force at Königsbrück in Saxonia. At the German armed forces it is only the second system of this kind which was built by the Military District Administrative Office East in its area of responsibility. read more

Heat supply of the open-air swimming pools

On May 16th, 2002, the largest thermal solar system in Lower Saxony was officially inaugurated by the mayor of Emden, Mr. Alwin Binkmann and the Manager of the public unities Emden GmbH, Remmer Edzards at the public open-air swimming pool Emden- Borssum. read more

Water/Water-heat pump for swimming pools

SmartHeat-Wärmepumpen improve the energy balance e.g. in the swimming pools at Emden, Singen, Anweiler and also at Juist. Titan large heat pumps are used; they are particularly planned and produced for each individual project. The particular features of these water/water heat pumps: the solar absorber serves as heat source. read more

250 kW Air/Water-heat pump

All in all 9 houses of a newly developed villa quarter in Istanbul (Turkey) will be provided with heat pumps of the SmartHeat aero series. In addition to economic and ecological viewpoints the comfort of the inhabitants is an important aspect. read more

Coupling of heat pumps and solar technology

Steadily increase the demands on a concept of heat supply. Legally aggravated changes here just have an impact like investment and running costs. Because it is easily calculated from today's perspective, whether a self-consumption of PV electricity or the supply can be the priority, manufacturers have turned to especially this topic. read more