SmartHeat aero

The SmartHeat aero is a versatile, compact air/water heat pump for outdoor installation. It extracts heat from the air, be it the ambient air or air escaping from an exhaust system. The aero units come with high-efficiency scroll compressors for multi-stage output adjustment.

Thanks to the wide range of accessories and extras available for the SmartHeat aero units, these air/water heat pumps can be optimised to suit the actual project. It is therefore possible achieve up to 160 kW with a single unit.

Type: Air/Water
Capacity range: 50 – 160 kW
COP: A10/W35 up to 5.0
Price: cost on request
SmartHeat aero 050 - 080
SmartHeat aero 050 - 080
SmartHeat aero 150
SmartHeat aero 150

> Capacity ranges of aero heat pumps

Type Capacity range (A10/W35) COP (A10/W35) Capacity levels %
aero 50 - 160 up to 5.0 0, 50 and 100
  • Weather-proof housing protected with multiple outdoor coats
  • Coated evaporator fins
  • Free-running, low-noise axial fans
  • Max. flow temperature 55 °C
  • Multi-function control (smic) system, including programmable, fully automated defrost control
  • Multiple vibration decoupling
  • Option R: Reversible model for active cooling
  • Various regulating options and bus interfaces for integration into facility management system
  • Connecting kits consisting of flexible hoses
  • Pump assembly, including high-efficiency pumps for heating and hot water circuits
  • Safety assembly with bleeder valve and pressure gauge, membrane expansion vessel and safety valve
  • Heat meter
  • External buffer / DHW tank
  • Safety circuit kit
  • Hydraulic shut for active cooling
  • Flow sensor
  • Other equipment available on request

Energy label

Heat pumps of the SmartHeat series aero are full of energy. Get a COP to 5.0 and the energy efficiency class up to A++. Thus, the SmartHeat aero represents an ideal and sustainable solution to the heating and also cooling (reversible heat pumps).

Type Order number Energy
space heaters
Energy efficiency
(composite system)
space heater with
 55°C  35°C
SmartHeat aero 050 H955046050 - A++ A+++
SmartHeat aero 050 R H955047050 - A++ A+++

>> Energy efficiency class in accordance with EU Regulation No 811/2013, average climate conditions - Temperature application (W55 or W35)

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