Company history

In August 2000 we emerged as a pure manufacturing company for heat pumps and matching accessories from a since 1991 existing, companies group, which was exclusively operating on the use of renewable energy. Based on this know-how, the development and production of heat pumps represented our core business from the outset.

First, the heat pumps found their site mainly in the region, but soon they were made for the whole of Germany as well as for customers in Europe and worldwide.

In addition to the with the Technology prize awarded series products for single family area we early saw the coming potential for large heat pumps for mansions and also commercial and industrial. Logically, we focused on the development with subsequent successful series launch. Here, too, developments were hailed for example with the Innovation prize. In addition we developed/created also solutions for special applications depending on the requirement and individual request. Today, such special solutions are one of our strengths. We use natural sources such as soil, water and air as well as waste heat, wastewater, and industrial process heat. Reversible SmartHeat heat pumps can heat and cool.

Opening SmartHeat factory

In April 2007, a move was necessary for capacity reasons and the new plant was inaugurated in an industrial park near the town of Güstrow. Here was a newly equipped large training area, which is available to our customers and partners for seminars, training and further training measures available in addition to generous storage and production areas. For the heat pumps offered by us, all necessary operating conditions and possible errors can be simulated practically and theoretically.

The largest part of the area in our production facility is available for the production of heat pumps. In our manufacture, SmartHeat standard heat pump, OEM products and special heat pump are produced carefully according to engineer-technical specifications. At specially developed test benches they are checked thoroughly. Of course, the SmartHeat-company building is also supplied by a heat pump with heating and cooling energy.

For many years at the forefront peak at the introduction and implementation of new heat pump technologies, we were able to accept some recognitions in the form of prizes and awards in the course of time.

  • 1998: First wastewater heat pump in Northern Germany
  • 2001: Award of the companies group with the Solar prize of the German Society for Solar Energy („Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e. V.“)
  • 2002: Design award - recognition for the product series classic
  • 2002: Technology Prize for product series bravour (pioneer of compact heat pump)
  • 2004: Award of the companies group with the Finalist of the Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises („Großer Preis des Mittelstandes“)
  • 2007: Entry into the inverter technology (pioneer of inverter heat pumps)
  • 2010: Award for the project Sea WaterIndoor Swimming Pool Juist of BWP e. V.
  • 2014: Award of SmartHeat Titan 050 BWi with the BEST OF the Industry Prize
  • 2015: Participation in the Ludwig-Bölkow Technology Prize with the SmartHeat classic power i
  • 2018: Nomination for the competition "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" (grand prix of medium-sized enterprises)
  • 2019: Nomination for the competition "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" (grand prix of medium-sized enterprises)
  • 2019: Nomination for the competition "Unternehmer de Jahres" (entrepreneur of the year)



Unveiling of SmartHeat corporate shield
Unveiling of SmartHeat corporate shield

Such milestones fill us with pride and are at the same time commitment, to continue the chosen path.

Since 2011, SmartHeat Deutschland GmbH also delivers to Asia. SmartHeat's products and solutions reduce the cost of heating and cooling in industry, business and housing.

Made in Germany.

Full of ideas and full of energy - that's SmartHeat.