bravour i classic power i classic i aero plus aero Titan OEM/special
capacity range - 16 kW - 32 kW - 32 kW - 88 kW - 168 kW - 250 kW 0.1 - 2500 kW
application new building x x x x x x x
restoration projects x x x x x x x
single family home x x x x
multi generation home x x x x x x
commercial / industrial premises x x x x
public buildings x x x x
source earth x x x x x
water x x x x x
air x x x
operation monovalent x x x x x x x
bi-/multivalent x x x x x x x
fix speed x x x x
variable speed x x x x
special function high temperature > 65°C x x
active cooling x x x x x x x
natural/passive cooling x x x x x
combination heaters or Space heaters1) A++ / XL „A“ A++ A++ A++ A++ A++ ---
package2) A+++ A+++ A+++ A+++ A+++ A+++ ---

1) bravour - energy efficiency combination heaters
1) energy efficiency space heaters
2) energy efficiency package of space heater and temperature control
>> energy efficiency of EU-Journal Nr. 811/2013, average climate conditions - temperature (W55 or W35)

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