SmartHeat ThermSelect®

Patented series ThermSelect®

Choosing the right heat source for a heat pump depends on many individual factors (for example, the potential of the source, the development costs, etc.). Mostly, the last decision is made between a ground and air heat pump. SmartHeat can now take this decision from the operator. Our latest product, the patented SmartHeat ThermSelect® heat pump, combines classic air / water and brine / water heat pump systems.

SmartHeat hybrid heat pump ThermSelect®


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For the use of a total of 3 ThermSelect® in a Potsdam building complex with 37 apartments and a catering business, the TGA Award was given. This coveted award from the magazine "Moderne Gebäudetechnik" was awarded to the hybrid heat pump for outstanding building planning in the category "Heating Technology in New Buildings".

The British HVR Award honors outstanding achievements in the field of technical building equipment. ThermSelect® won this prestigious award in the Best Commercial Heating System of the Year category. Above all, the jury emphasized the excellent functionality of the ThermSelect®, depending on the outside temperature, to be able to switch over to the more efficient way of obtaining heat by means of air or soil as a source.

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The SmartHeat ThermSelect® hybrid heat pump is setting new standards. The SmartHeat heat pump is the only device on the market that can draw the required energy either from the air, geothermal or from a mixture of both heat sources. The innovative Siemens system control ensures the most economical energy mix and perfect interaction of all system components throughout the year. The result: peak efficiency and high seasonal performance factors as well as low operating costs, which are significantly lower than those of conventional heat pumps. This can save up to 60 % heating costs. The noise emissions of the heat pump can be reduced to a minimum by intelligent programming at desired times.

The facts at a glance
The SmartHeat ThermSelect® has a heat output of 40 kW and can heat and cool as required. This makes it ideal for use in most new buildings and modernization projects. This applies to the villa area as well as day-care centers, commercial or industrial buildings. The SmartHeat ThermSelect® enables bivalent heating operation from the comfort of a single heat pump. Take advantage of unbeatable advantages such as:

  • highly profitable combination by bivalent heating with different heat sources
  • reduction of source development costs (brine collector or bore only need to be dimensioned half the size)
  • better COP and SPF compared to heat pumps with only one heat source
  • low operating noise due to bivalent operation
  • best performance figures
  • elegant understated design
  • compact design allows installation in the smallest area outdoors
  • pace required in the building is not required

Heat pump type

Capacity in kW



SmartHeat ThermSelect® 041 41.61
SmartHeat ThermSelect® 041 R 41.61
SmartHeat ThermSelect® 041
SmartHeat ThermSelect® 041
New - Hybrid heat pump SmartHeat ThermSelect®
  • Modern scroll compressor with electronic expansion valves
  • Peak efficiency and high seasonal performance factors
  • Weather-proof housing protected with multiple coats
  • Coated evaporator fins
  • Low-friction axial fans with highly efficient EC motors and speed control to minimise noise and optimise running behaviour
  • Max. heating flow temperature 60 °C
  • Multi-stage vibration decoupling
  • All electrical components installed and fully wired
  • Option R: Reversible model for active cooling
  • Connecting kits consisting of flexible tubes for vibration decoupling
  • Pump assembly, including high-efficiency pumps for heating and hot water circuits
  • Safety assembly with bleeder valve and pressure gauge, membrane expansion vessel and safety valve
  • Heat meter
  • External buffer and DHW tank
  • Safety circuit kit incl. flow switch
  • Hydraulic shunt

Energy label

Heat pumps of the SmartHeat series ThermSelect® are full of energy. Get a COP to 5.0 and the energy efficiency class up to A++. Thus, the SmartHeat ThermSelect® represents an ideal and sustainable solution to the heating and also cooling (reversible heat pumps).

Type Order Number Energy efficiency
space heaters
Energy efficiency
(composite system)
space heater with
temperature controller
 55°C  35°C
SmartHeat ThermSelect 041 H095249042 - A++ A++
SmartHeat ThermSelect 041 R H095250042 - A++ A++