SmartHeat classic i

SmartHeat heat pump series classic - more than 20 years success

Heat pumps of the SmartHeat classic i series offer unrivalled flexibility and can be used for heating, cooling and hot water preparation (with freely chosen external storage system). The SmartHeat classic units are designed for an capacity range from 2 to 33 kW, where high-efficiency compressors are the most effective solution. The SmartHeat classic i is available as brine / water as well as water / water heat pump.

Thanks to advanced inverter technology, these systems achieve excellent COP ratings while the size of the buffer storage tanks can be significantly reduced. The wide range of extras and accessories make the SmartHeat classic i one of the most flexible heat pumps in the market, as they can be adapted to meet specific project requirements. SmartHeat classic i units are therefore the preferred solution for any project from new passive energy houses to heating system upgrades.

Heat pump types Brine/water, water/water
Capacity range 2 - 33 kW
COP B0/W35 up to 4.82 // W10/W35 up to 6.5
Price cost on request
classic i closed
SmartHeat classic i closed
classic i opened
SmartHeat classic i opened
SmartHeat inverter technology

> ranges of capacity of the classic i heat pump

Capacity range kW COP
Brine/water (B0/W35) 2 - 24 up to 4.8
Water/water (W10/W35) 3 - 33 up to 6.5

> possible heat source systems

Ground heat collector x
Geothermal probe x
Ground heat baskets x
Heat collector fences / solar panels x
Ground water x
Solar collector -
  • Compact design for indoor installation
  • Max. flow temperature 60 °C
  • Multi-function control (smic)-system
  • Connections at the rear
  • 6 kW quick heating coil
  • State-of-the-art inverter technology
  • Sound-insulated, powder-coated housing
  • Multiple vibration decoupling
  • Powerful dual-roller or scroll compressors in combination with electronic expansion valve
  • Option R: Reversible model for active cooling
  • Various bus interfaces for integration into facility management system
  • Wide range of controller options
  • Connecting kits consisting of flexible corrugated stainless steel tubes
  • Pump assembly consisting of high-efficiency pumps for brine, heating and hot water circuits
  • Brine kit including micro-bubble separator, dirt trap, two multi-function taps for filling and rinsing, various small fittings and flow sensor
  • Safety assembly with bleeder valve, pressure gauge, and membrane expansion vessel
  • Heat meter
  • Flow sensor / meter
  • External buffer / DHW tank
  • Passive cooling unit
  • Pressure sensor
  • Other equipment you may find here

Energy label

Heat pumps of the SmartHeat series classic i are full of energy. Get a COP to 6.5 and the energy efficiency class up to A++. Thus, the SmartHeat classic i represents an ideal and sustainable solution to the heating and also cooling (reversible heat pumps).

Type Order number Energy
space heaters
Energy efficiency
(composite system)
space heater with
 55°C  35°C
SmartHeat classic 008 BWi H055001008 A++ A+++ A++
SmartHeat classic 012 BWi H055001012 A++ A+++ A++
SmartHeat classic 010 WWi H055002010 A+++ A+++ A+++
SmartHeat classic 016 WWi H055002016 A+++ A+++ A+++
SmartHeat classic 024 BWi H055001024 A++ A+++ A++
SmartHeat classic 032 WWi H055002032 A+++ A+++ A+++
SmartHeat classic 008 BWi R H055006008 A++ A+++ A++
SmartHeat classic 012 BWi R H055006012 A++ A+++ A++
SmartHeat classic 010 WWi R H055007010 A+++ A+++ A+++
SmartHeat classic 016 WWi R H055007016 A+++ A+++ A+++
SmartHeat classic 024 BWi R H055006024 A++ A+++ A++
SmartHeat classic 032 WWi R H055007032 A+++ A+++ A+++

>> Energy efficiency class in accordance with EU Regulation No 811/2013, average climate conditions - Temperature application (W55 or W35)

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