Large scale heat pump and energy centre Titan

The SmartHeat Titan series includes large scale heat pumps for high output demands, which can be used for different heat source systems.


SmartHeat large heat pumps of the Titan and Titan Z series are successfully used today for heating and cooling (reversible operation) of apartment buildings, all residential areas (cold local heating), hotels, schools, office buildings and recreational facilities, as well as for heat recovery in industrial processes. The SmartHeat Titan heat pumps are the solution for key words such as power-to-heat and sector coupling.

The Titan series is available as brine / water or water / water heat pump. Depending on the source (eg. cooling water, waste heat of any kind, exhaust air, heat from waste water, process heat, traditional geothermal energy) are achieved payback periods from 3 years. This speaks for a huge potential for savings for the operator. With simultaneous use of heating and cooling functions of the heat pump also amazing energy efficiencies are achieved.

Depending on the performance range, the Titan units are equipped with efficient scroll compressor tandem assemblies or with screw compressors that allow for stepless output regulation. Thanks to the various equipment options and the flexible multi-function control (smic) system, the units of the SmartHeat Titan series can be individually adjusted to meet any project requirements.

SmartHeat Titan with housing
Titan without housing
SmartHeat Titan without housing

The Titan i model features a modulating inverter for optimised continuous power control.

heat pump types brine/water, water/water
Capacity range Titan 55 – 380 kW, Titan Z - customengineered, up to 2,500 kW
COP BW > 5 / WW > 6
Price cost on request
2 x Titan Z
SmartHeat Titan Z for China
Titan Z
SmartHeat Titan Z

Support up to 18,000 €

From April 2015 an amendment of the German „Richtlinien zur Förderung von Maßnahmen zur Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien im Wärmemarkt” (guidelines for the promotion of measures for the use of renewable energies in the heating market) enters into force.

The novel offers small and medium companies as well as large enterprises a range of possible loan and repayment subsidies, as well as benefits depending on the application. Here, the market incentive program focuses on the construction of systems to produce renewable generated heat in existing buildings. Particularly innovative solutions are encouraged for new buildings.

The eligibility criteria and other details of the revised guidelines can be downloaded here and read about in detail. Here is a summary of the funding opportunities1).

1) We ask for your understanding that the SmartHeat Deutschland GmbH can make no guarantee for the correctness of this information.

  • Hermetically sealed, high-efficiency scroll compressors with inverter technology; scroll compressor tandem assemblies or semi-hermetically sealed screw compressors (depending on performance range)
  • Cooling circuit with filter dryer, optional sight glass and high/low pressure monitoring system
  • Electronically actuated expansion valve for optimised COP
  • Large copper-soldered stainless steel plate heat exchangers
  • R407C refrigerant, max. flow temperature 55 °C
  • Sound-insulated housing made in powder-coated sheet steel (up to 380 kW)
  • Multi-function control (smic) system, see page 29
  • Connections at the rear of unit, adaptable
  • Multiple vibration decoupling
  • Option HT: R134a refrigerant, max. flow temperature 80 °C, depending on compressor type (Titan & Titan Z only)
  • Option R: Reversible model for active cooling, minimum outlet temperature 7 °C
  • Option HG-WT: Model with additional hot gas heat exchanger for efficient hot water preparation
  • Option WTa/WTb (Titan Z only): Evaporator and/ or condenser designed as shell and tube heat exchanger or welded stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Titan units with special compressors and multistage compressor assembles are known as Titan Z
  • Matching accessories

The SmartHeat Titan Z energy centre can be equipped with a range of additional hydraulic components such as circulating pumps, separating heat exchangers, switchover and shut-off valves as well as hydraulic piping systems for dual mode operation. These components are selected and dimensioned according to the project requirements, including building specifications.

Titan Z units are thus always custom-engineered. They are designed and optimised for use in conjunction with alternative energy sources. By using components that match the project requirements, Titan Z units are optimised for energy efficiency as well as operational safety.

Energy label

Heat pumps of the SmartHeat Titan series are full of energy. Get a COP partly > 6 and the energy efficiency class up to A++. Thus, the SmartHeat Titan and Titan Z represent an ideal and sustainable solution to the heating and also cooling (reversible heat pumps).

Type Order number Energy
space heaters
Energy efficiency
(composite system)
space heater with
 55°C  35°C
SmartHeat Titan 050 BWi H955095050 A+ A++ A+
SmartHeat Titan 065 WWi H955096065 A++ A++ A+++
SmartHeat Titan 055 BW H955019055 A++ A++ A+++
SmartHeat Titan 038 BW HT H955020038 A++ A++ A++
SmartHeat Titan 056 BW HT H955020056 A++ A++ A++
SmartHeat Titan 053 WW HT H955018053 A++ A++ A+++
SmartHeat Titan 050 BWi R H955097050 A+ A++ A+
SmartHeat Titan 065 WWi R H955098065 A++ A++ A+++
SmartHeat Titan 055 BW R H955019054 A++ A++ A+++
SmartHeat Titan 038 BW HT R H955020037 A++ A++ A++
SmartHeat Titan 056 BW HT R H955020055 A++ A++ A++
SmartHeat Titan 053 WW HT R H955018052 A++ A++ A+++

>> Energy efficiency class in accordance with EU Regulation No 811/2013, average climate conditions - Temperature application (W55 or W35)

Selected references for the large heat pump from the Titan Series

University library, Rostock

Type: Brine/Water, reversible
Heat source: Geothermal heat exchanger field
Output: 80 kW heating / 130 kW cooling

Private hospital in China

heat pumps: 2 x brine/water high temperature
heat source: geothermal
output: together ca. 3 MW

Local heat supply Novogor

heat pump: brine/water
heat source: waste water
output: 650 kW heating