Heat pump series customized for your range of products

SmartHeat OEM module

Advantages at a glance

Many system providers outsource the production of special parts or modules to expert companies. We offer our partners custom-engineered solutions based on their individual specifications. In this context, we offer the following services:

  • Development of new solutions and improvement of existing designs
  • Production of components, assemblies and turnkey units
  • Integration into housing provided by customer or SmartHeat housing
  • SmartHeat multi intelligent control (smic)-system or implementation of bespoke control solution
  • Production of small series to match customer specifications
  • Testing on own test benches (SmartHeat operates a climate chamber that allows for the extensive testing of all heat pump types, including air/water models)
  • Assistance in third-party certification process

SmartHeat designs and produces heat pump series that fit your portfolio.