Far beyond the sector of one-family houses

Free of charge consulting package

stone on stone with SmartHeat heat pump systems

Not only the brillant building shell is a sign for a good architecture. More and more features such as the energy balance are playing an important role. What is more advantageous than using a heat pump? Heat pumps up to 70 kW must be marked with the Energy Label since September 2015. The payback period for the investment of a SmartHeat heat pump system generally ranges from low 3 to 8 years. The consulting package of the SmartHeat team will support you in choosing an appropriate heat source system and in evaluating the payback of cost of your large heat pump system by means of calculated work figures.

We are happy to provide comprehensive support:

  • Decision support when selecting and designing an appropriate source heat system
  • Calculation of the coefficient of performance of the heat pump by considering the project-specific operating conditions as a basis for the calculation of profitability
  • Project-related coordination and adaptation of the performance requirements of the heat pump system to increase the efficiency and profitability
  • Placement of competent specialized partners (drilling firms, installation companies and planning offices)

Regenerative heat and cold supply from Güstrow for each individual case

Fields of application for SmartHeat heat pumps

  • Multiple family dwellings and apartment blocks
  • Public buildings: libraries, schools, kindergartens, hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Production halls and commercial properties
  • Swimming pools
  • Local heating supply (cold local heat)
  • Hostels, food industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Stadiums, sports arenas
  • Sludge drying
  • Chemical industry

Please find examples in our references.

Advantages at a glance

  • Perfected SmartHeat serial products and project-related manufactured energy centers
  • Knowledge based on long-term experience
  • Up to 2500 kW heating output
  • Optional cooling operation and numerous other design options
  • Flow temperatures of up to 80 °C are available
  • Easy and flexible integration in building management systems
  • Test run of all heat pumps at the factory
  • Development and production of special sizes
  • SmartHeat multi intelligent control-system (smic-system)
  • smart grid-ready