Car dealership Brinkmann

SmartHeat aero 080 at BrinkmannBleimann GmbH

A "Mercedes of the heat pumps"?

Even the car dealership of the Brinkmann GmbH opts on his site Güstrow for SmartHeat. In addition to the existing oil heating system ensures since 2013 a SmartHeat aero 080 pleasant temperatures in the heating season, using an underfloor heating system or in the workshop by means of an air register. Generally, you can now keep a cool head, because the newfound option during the summer to cool is appreciated not only by guests but also by the staff.

For the car dealership with vehicles of renowned brands such as Mercedes, economic aspects were of course in the foreground. By using a SmartHeat heat pump costs can be effectively saved, even - as in this case - in combination with the previous, conventional heat generator. The rapid technical and installation side integration in the existing system were convincing points to start investing in a SmartHeat aero 080. SmartHeat offers individual solutions for a wide range of applications. So here, too - for the benefit of Brinkmann and its employees and customers.