... and why you need to knit no socks

detached house with 14 years old classic

Single family house successfully heated with classic for 17 years

17 years of classic heat pump series let us be proud of and we take a broad look back. An idea was quickly deduced: ask users for their experiences. We therefore searched for a family, which owns one of the first classic and have been, of course, found it quickly.

In a village of Mecklenburg we meet a family who has chosen 2001 for a classic heat pump for their single-family construction. Even if has changed over the years already the appearance of the house through structural adjustments and the family number doubled, nothing changed on the heating system. Satisfied and with a smile they look back together with us.

When one thinks of the entire construction phase, there is enough, what they then would prefer to forget. But with regard to the heat pump that was different from the outset. Curious neighbors, wondering what they bury in the garden or even questioning relatives who want to ensure that you also know what to do, be mentioned. Even the grandfather wanted to knit up extra socks for visits so that he must not freeze. Today he also is an avid heat pumps fan. But there is another interesting story to the heat pump, because suddenly the television stood in front of the door. The couple has been officially asked by the NDR, if they open the house for them and would answer questions about the heating. After a day of shooting, the records for the program "Markt im Dritten" had been completed and were broadcast. And again the small classic heat pump in the utility room was the focus of attention.

In our conversation, it quickly becomes apparent that this is not just about technology, but rather a decision for life. Even today, the already 4-member family is fully satisfied with the former decision and with the classic - heat pumps - heating system. We are grateful for the valuable insights.

Just as fruits mature more, also the technology matures. Today SmartHeat classic heat pumps are equipped with the latest inverter technology. Thanks to inverter technology the performance precisely adapts to the heat demand. The SmartHeat classic series can deliver heat up to 33 kW. But it is not only warm – who wants can get the options of active or natural cooling. An individual storage option lets the classic work extremely flexibly over many years, and to the satisfaction of their operators. The space-saving housing is also optically an eye catcher and was awarded with the Design Award recognition.

Anyone looking for other solutions will find it also at SmartHeat: we deliver heat pumps up to 3,000 kW.