Small heat pump – great effect

Combined Bath Homburg

Homburg is the county seat of Saarpfalz circle and with approximately 42 thousand inhabitants the third largest city of the Saarland. In addition to numerous other opportunities for leisure activities here is also the Combined Bath Homburg, which offers its bath operation with several pools and an extensive sauna area in Japanese-inspired architecture. Thus, the "KOI" is a popular attraction for young and old in the region.

Energetically, the KOI goes among other things on SmartHeat. A special classic 013 WW takes the unwanted heat content of the cold pool as source energy and therefore cools it to the desired temperature of 15 °C. The warm pool is supplied with predominant use of this energy by operation of the heat pump. Thus, it can be maintained with a significant reduction in energy consumption at a temperature of 35 ° C.

swimming pool in the combined bath Homburg

So the here used SmartHeat classic allows the scooping of several advantages of modern heat pump technology by heat recovery:

  • The cold water pool is cooled to the desired level.
  • The excess heat of the cold pool is not lost.
  • The warm pool is held mainly with this excess energy on the desired temperature level.

Thus, the Combined Bath is another example of the diverse and sustainable applications of SmartHeat heat pumps – to the satisfaction of the operator and its guests. SmartHeat heat pumps you can see in many swimming, indoor and outdoor pools. A wide variety of sources is eligible: a cold-water pool as here in Homburg or solar absorbers as in Juist, Emden, Singen and just Anweiler.