Where playing and learning stand in the foreground, heat should not be missed

Day-care center "Kleine Traber" in Berlin - Lichtenberg

It finally happened on November 1, 2013. After a construction period of one and a half years, a four-storey new building has been built on the ground of Treskowallee 135. 179 children were able to conquer their new modern home, which is named according to the horseracing track Karlshorst "Kleine Traber" (“Little Trotter”) which is situated in the immediate vicinity. Here children are cared for until their enrollment. Focus on the work with the children is according to own statements the approach "education for sustainable development" in mixed-age groups. All the better that has opted for sustainable, efficient and valuable SmartHeat heat pump technology.

The youngest child daycare center of Berlins “Volkssolidarität” is located in the district Lichtenberg, and integrates the family centre “Familien auf Trab” (“Families on the go"). Also the choice of heating system is here "on the go". Planned and implemented were 2 air/water heat pumps of the former type SmartHeat aero 080. Especially in the middle of major cities it is difficult to develop appropriate sources, above all underground is used and long-range space does not exist. Here air/water is a possible solution. With SmartHeat heat pumps may be covered today outputs up to 160 kW with a single device and that purely with the source fresh air. At the mentioned Kita was decided for a cascade connection of 2 SmartHeat aero 080, located nearby outdoors on a small area of total 6.75 m2.

day-care center "Kleine Traber"

Air-source heat pumps of SmartHeat series aero can heat, cool and are hot water ready. With its proud outputs from 30 kW they are available for projects such as day-care centers as well as car dealerships, commercial and industrial halls. A suitable place, possibly even on the roof, is found quickly to integrate the economic system in the heating plant.