Effective use of process heat

Dennert Poraver GmbH opts for SmartHeat

Titan HT for heating and water heating
heat pump of the Dennert Poraver GmbH

By means of a heat pump system with its centerpiece, a SmartHeat Titan 100 WW HT, the occurred process heat from the production is used as energy source. On the heating side, an underfloor heating in the canteen, as well as the office of the laboratory ensures the desired temperatures. The existing radiators can also be used thanks to the here used high-temperature variant ("HT"). In addition, the SmartHeat heat pump prepares hot water for showers.

heated canteen
canteen of the Dennert Poraver GmbH

SmartHeat heat pumps are ideally suited for upgrading cases, like in this reference. Existing resources in both the source as well as in the sink sector can be used cost-saving still. Nothing therefore precludes a small payback period. This SmartHeat Titan was developed especially for the needs of the manufacturing facility. Special requirements were due to the narrow width of the device, which was determined by an existing door dimension. The specific SmartHeat construction helped a first-class product for individual satisfaction of customer needs.

With this Titan heat pump the Dennert Poraver GmbH has opted for a smart and effective solution for the sustainable reduction of energy costs and benefits from the reliability of over 28 years of experience - just SmartHeat heat pumps.

To the operator:

In the Upper Palatinate Postbauer-Heng, a market town with nearly 7500 inhabitants in the south-east of Nuremberg, is located the Dennert Poraver GmbH, the according to own data world market leader in the manufacture and sale of expanded glass granulate. The company, founded in 1983, provides, inter alia, products for dry mortar, construction chemicals, wallpapers and for the automotive industry and is represented in over 30 countries.

The industrial company has decided for their European development and production center in Postbauer-Heng in 2013, not just to waste the during the production process of the expanded glass generated thermal energy, but worthwhile to use.

CAD design drawing of the custom-made product
construction of the heat pump on the PC