Sustainable, comprehensive and colorful - SmartHeat heat pump in passive house school

Evangelical primary school “Ursula-Wölfel” Teltow

balloons at the opening of the new building of the primary school

With enthusiasm and colorful balloons, the new building of today's Evangelical primary school “Ursula-Wölfel” Teltow was opened in April 2012. A milestone in the history of the primary school. Because four million euros were planned for the new building of the school. The self-imposed obligation on the Deaconess House to apply high standards of sustainability and the economical use of natural resources in construction projects, to spend as little energy as possible, was realized successfully after only one year of construction. A building was constructed according to the passive house standard. The heat is supplied by a SmartHeat heat pump Titan 032 BW under use of geothermal energy with 5 probes á 99 meters. The building has a ventilation system with heat recovery, here, a passive cooling is realized by the SmartHeat heat pump. The air quality in classrooms themselves is also controlled using carbon dioxide sensors. The large windows with triple glazing and antiglare shield bring additional solar heat gains and can be also opened, if necessary.

The applied heat pump is as unique as the school building. A sophisticated heat-supply concept of planner, heating engineers and SmartHeat as manufacturer provides a technically high-quality, sustainable, and individual solution for the primary school students of Teltow.

The primary school of the Deaconess House began school operation for the school year 2009/2010 with two first classes. Overall, today learn about 300 pupils in the meantime twelve classes.

Once again it appears that the use of heat pumps is incredibly diverse. SmartHeat heat pumps heat a wide variety of schools nationwide. Ranging from a few kW to 200 kW they provide class and ancillary rooms with heating and cooling, passively or actively. Usually the ground is used as energy source, but also the heat recovery is experiencing an ever-increasing role. Also larger educational institutions such as the University of Rostock opt on SmartHeat heat pumps for many years.