Attractive energy management

SmartHeat Titan 050 BWi

Coupling of SmartHeat pumps & solar technology

Steadily increase the demands on a concept of heat supply. Legally aggravated changes here just have an impact like investment and running costs. Because it is easily calculated from today's perspective, whether a self-consumption of PV electricity or the supply can be the priority, manufacturers have turned to especially this topic. Thus, the Quattro solar plus GmbH. It developed a solar-hybrid module, which works ideally with the SmartHeat heat pump. The decisions for such coupling are relevant not only in the new building. Even in renovating these systems are finding their way, as shown in this construction project from 2014.

Double use of solar

The 85 used, novel hybrid collectors unite power and heat generation. The circulation on the back of these PV modules of the Quattro Solar Plus GmbH is used for the injection of heat storage and at the same time to the cooling of the PV modules. The hybrid module enables a uniform temperature distribution and thus uniform cooling under the modules, which obtaines a considerable increase of the efficiency of the PV modules. In the reverse case, the uniform distribution of temperature on the thermal module is used for the ice - and snow-liberation of the PV-modules. The result is thus a higher income and at the same time a higher feed-in tariff or consumption capacity.

Efficient cooperation of combined energy systems

Solar thermal-sided is used a mixture of brine and water. This is consistently at least 10°C warmer than the air temperature, and thus ideal as a heat source for a heat pump.

The heat supply is taken by the SmartHeat Titan 050 BWi heat pump. The heat pump is supplied with the heat side of the power distribution system, while the cold side is fed by the ice storage.

The inverter technology of the SmartHeat heat pump ensures, that the real heating- or cooling demand provides always an optimal supply of respective needs by stepless speed adjustment. This enables energy-efficient operation, a longer life and better performance factors. The highly efficient and modulating SmartHeat Titan i realizes an output range from about 8 to about 48 kW - and this with only one heat pump. Thus the Titan i is a great step ahead the traditional state of the art, because it covers more than just the traditional single-family home range. Excellent features, such as its compact design and quiet operation, realizes the SmartHeat Titan i flow temperatures up to 60°C and can also cool in the reverse mode option. Thus it gives maximum planning security and is particularly well suited to provide resource-efficiency and works above all demand-oriented. Areas of applications are as in this object expansion stages in multi-generation houses, but also small businesses, office complexes, or day care centres. In using hardly a limit is set.

The reversible SmartHeat Titan i also takes over the building cooling in connection with the hybrid module. The heat is released at night to the module, so that the efficiency of the engine is not deteriorated. This effect of the reversible action is also used in the winter. The heat pump provides the defrosting of the PV modules if they are iced up.

The challenge for planners and installer was the heat- and power-sided optimal matching of the aspects generation, storage and use at the highest possible overall efficiency.

Two identical fresh water combination storages with 650 litres are intended for the heat storage of the solar system and the heating supply. Both storages are connected in series in solar mode, with a volumetric flow controller ensuring a uniform load. During heating operation, both combination storages are separated and supplied by the heating distribution each with its own pump.

An existing low-temperature gas condensing boiler covers absolute peak loads.

Save energy freezing

While many storage concepts store energy at a high temperature (and thus often high loss), there is another way. Energy can be converted into heat or cold and thermal stored. Placed underground stores an ice storage free energy from the environment with almost no loss at a low temperature level.

"We have served ice storage projects with heat pumps more than 10 years ago. Nice to see that these concepts bear fruit now and find their attractive application." said 2014 André Schreier, Managing Director of SmartHeat Deutschland GmbH and also privately enthusiastic user of coupled heat pump, solar heating and photovoltaic technology.