Heat supply of the open-air swimming pool Emden-Borssum

outdoor swimming pool Emden- Borssum

Combination of solar absorbers and heat pump

On May 16th, 2002, the largest thermal solar system in Lower Saxony was officially inaugurated by the mayor of Emden, Mr. Alwin Binkmann and the Manager of the public unities Emden GmbH, Remmer Edzards at the public open-air swimming pool Emden- Borssum. The outdated and ailing heating system of the open-air swimming pool makes it necessary to develop a new concept for heat supply for the coming swimming season. According to the installer the solar absorber system was at this point in time “only” the third largest in the Federal Republic of Germany. Its technical combination with alternating usage (open air swimming pool - supermarket) was certainly the most valuable and demanding system for him. Thus, the supply concept combines the elements solar absorber, solar collectors, heat pump and heating value technology in a way that optimum efficiency at minimum ecological damage is being guaranteed. The use of natural gas was reduced by an impressive 95 % per year which spares the environment an annual CO2 emission of more than 57’000 kg.

The heating of the pool water is mainly realized by a solar absorber system of a surface of 1900 m². To do so, 500 m² were mounted on the roof of the building of the open air swimming pool and 1400 m² are mounted on the roof of the adjacent supermarket. If at bad weather the total length of the pipes of the absorber of 50 km should not be sufficient to heat up the pool water to at least 23°C the water will be heated up to the required temperature level using a heat pump. This extension of the swimming season is not only environmentally friendly but provides more income for the operator.

Beside the open air swimming pool, the new system also supplies heat to the adjacent supermarket. Thus it is possible to use the advantages of the solar thermal energy recovery also outside the swimming season all-the-year.

A particular side effect is attained by placing the solar absorber on the roof of the supermarket. As a result of the fact that the absorber dissipates the solar heat from the building roof for water heating, it simultaneously allows to heat the subjacent supermarket building. On very hot summer days this mainly contributes to a considerable reduction in energy cost for the necessary air conditioning of the supermarket.

Thus, this outdoor pool is another example of the many possible uses of SmartHeat heat pumps - to the satisfaction of the operator and of course his guests.

SmartHeat heat pumps can be found in many swimming, indoor and outdoor pools. Various sources are considered: cold water pools as in Homburg or solar absorbers such as here and in Juist, singing and also Anweiler.