5-fold supply of residential building complex

Residential Christian-Kittel-Straße Erfurt

The 5 new residential buildings of the Residential Building Cooperative “Erfurt” completed in August 2011 in the Christian-Kittel-Straße belong to a holistically planned building complex in the southern outskirts of Erfurt. The fully built basement consists of four-storey individual buildings, the floor plans and facilities taking into account high living standards. 61 apartments with a living area of total 5266 m² as 2 to 4-room apartments were created.

planning drawing
3D graphics Christian-Kittel-Straße Erfurt

When looking at the residential complex alone the exterior of homes and landscaped parks bear witness to loving details. The buildings were arranged on the property so that formes a courtyard inside. In this area, terraces, extending tenant gardens, play areas and car parking spaces associated with a navigable way were planned and implemented. Upon closer examination, also inside the building were used technical know-how for a high energy standard, considered the comforts such as lift equipment and placed emphasis on increased sound insulation.

photo of residential area

The selected combination for the entire heat supply consisting of precious SmartHeat heat pumps, solar heating and boiler for wood pellets recorded the lowest full costs and the lowest CO2 emissions.

Generating heat for space heating is carried out by a precise SmartHeat brine/water heat pump in each house. The probe fields for the use of geothermal energy are located in the immediate vicinity of the respective houses, each having between 6 or 7 deep drillings with 99 meters. Previously a measurement of the extraction capacity of geothermal energy has taken place by a test drilling with a thermal response test. With this result, the probe field was dimensioned so that a monovalent heat supply is possible. This means that the heat for space heating can be met throughout the year to 100% of the heat pump system. That's why a second heat source is not available for space heating. Total 34 probes on the plot are housed, which as a source economically supply the self-sufficient SmartHeat heat pumps of the series Titan with an output of 43-50 of kW per house. This performance is measured with a monitoring system, to demonstrate the sustainability of the system.

individual SmartHeat Titan in the basement rooms
SmartHeat Titan 054 p. K. in the Christian-Kittel-Straße Erfurt
SmartHeat Titan 043 p. K. in the Christian-Kittel-Straße Erfurt

The use of efficient heat pumps in conjunction with underfloor heating is provided and implemented. By the SmartHeat heat pumps the possibility of effective passive cooling is used during the summer months in connection with the intended underfloor heating. Thus, the probes are regenerated at the same time. There are installed corresponding switching facilities and heat exchanger.