Heat from waste water

Sport and Family Center Kurt Ritter / Berlin

It is estimated that our wastewater contains enough energy to provide nationwide 2 - 4 million apartments with heat. SmartHeat heat pumps take advantage of this thermal energy contained in the waste water. Implemented e.g. at the sports and family centre Kurt Ritter in Berlin.

At first sight completely inconspicuous stands a green container on one side on the Kurt Ritter sports field. It contains a plant for the generation of energy from waste water, which is unique in Berlin in 2011 due to its new design. District mayor Franz Schulz, who was then in charge of the project, said that "many hurdles had to be overcome" and that this was an "outstanding technology" that needed to be used.

SmartHeat Titan in the Sports and Family Center Kurt Ritter in Berlin
SmartHeat Titan

The old boiler room contains the associated SmartHeat heat pump Titan. The plant on the Gürtelstraße supplies two buildings: heaters from the family center "Juli" and the adjoining sports hall receive hot water from it. In the warmer months, the base load of 60 kW is covered by the SmartHeat heat pump. According to the planner, the consumption of natural gas will be reduced by up to two-thirds. In winter, then both buildings together have a total heat demand of about 230 kW with an outside temperature of about minus 14 degrees. This need is then covered by the addition of the two existing gas baths.

This excellently planned and implemented system is regularly visited, as here in the press trip of the Federal Association Heat Pump 2012. Managing Director of SmartHeat Deutschland GmbH André Schreier explains the functionality of the heat pump to the interested participants.