COP and seasonal performance factor

For the efficiency of heat pumps key figures such as coefficient of performance (COP) and also the (seasonal) performance factor (SPF) are used as a measure. COP and SPF are therefore of fundamental importance for the assessment and still strictly separated to consider. Because the coefficient of performance (COP) assasses as a device parameter alone the heat pump performance factor, the seasonal performance factor (SPF), however, assesses the entire heat pump system as a system parameter as average annual efficiency.

The coefficient of performance is the ratio of the total amount of energy (amount of energy on the heating side and drive energy) to the drive energy. Since both energy amounts are highly dependent on source and sink temperatures and on the relation to each other, typically a state is defined to ensure comparability.

This is for brine/water heat pumps usually B0/W35 - source temperature 0°C / lower temperature 35°C, for water/water heat pumps W10/W35 - source temperature 10°C / lower temperature 35 ° C and for air/water heat pumps A2/W35 - source temperature 2°C / lower temperature 35°C.

SmartHeat heat pumps have thanks to our own development and construction, as well as the use of branded components, COP values of up to 6.4. These outstanding performance coefficients confirm the efficient energy usage, a maximum use of the source, and enable a rapid return on investment. The COP values of the individual heat pumps, can be found in our product catalog. Project-specific SmartHeat heat pumps Titan Z please ask just to us.

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The (seasonal) performance factor considered now a little more than the cofficient of performance. Here all states of individual components are combined. The manufacturer of the heat pumps has only limited influence on these evaluations. Since also individual used components around the heat pump, like e. g. pumps and fans, will be considered in the complete system, the performance factor is difficult to determine in advance, but at least to create as a forecast.

Another important parameter is the Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF). Hereby the system efficiency, taking into account energy losses by heating buffer and hot water tank, if necessary the electric heating element, as well as storage charge pumps is shown. Plants with improved system efficiency can get lucrative BAFA grants in order to promote innovation. These are systems with special designs or additional components that lead to increased efficiency of the overall system.

With the SmartHeat Titan Z we realize project-specific pumps in accordance with customer requirements and optimally matched to the requirements of the object. By an individual adaptation of the performance profile of the individual components to the specific requirements optimal energy efficiency and maximum safety can be achieved for you as an operator. Equipped with the smic system from SmartHeat thereby the plant components cooperate in an ideal way. The best conditions for a high SPF.

As part of the promotion of innovation, basically 4 system concepts are distinguished by the BAFA. In the first three concepts, the SPF must reach appropriate minimum values, which must be proofed by a simulation calculation. The following systems are currently classified:

  • SPF ≥ 4.3
  • If collectors are used, they must be eligible, their performance must be at least 1/3 of the standard heating load of the building
  • For solar collectors may be calculated a heating output of 0.2 kW / m2 collector area
  • The applicable stage of thermal power for the supplementary heat source air is at 5°C
  • SPF ≥ 3.9
  • If collectors are used, they must be eligible, their performance must be at least 1/3 of the standard heating load of the building
  • For solar collectors may be calculated a heating output of 0.2 kW / m2 collector area
  • Maximum bivalence temperature of-6°C (except for the combination with a biomass plant)
  • Maximum bivalence temperature of 0°C for (hybrid) heat pumps, that construction can have no electric heating element
  • SPF ≥ 4.1
  • At the design point B0/W35 the ice storage must have a water volume of at least 0,95 m³ / kW thermal performance
  • If a comparable storage capacity can be demonstrated, other storage media are possible
  • The community heat source must be used of min. 5 heat pump / buildings
  • The source temperature must constantly be 10°C minimum

Because of their listing in the innovation promotion such plants are eligible with the same grants as heat pumps with high COP’s. This applies both to existing as well as for newly built facilities. Similarly, the granting of the corresponding bonuses while compliance with the necessary requirements is possible.

The above list of eligible assets with improved system efficiency reflects the state of the date of the publication by the BAFA (05/21/2015). According to statements from the Ministry of Economy and BAFA later extensions are not excluded.

You can access the official information of the BAFA with the following link:

Innovationsförderung -  Wärmepumpen mit  verbesserter Systemeffizienz

(document in German language)

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