Energy efficiency and label for heat pumps

Most of the energy in the household is consumed for heating and domestic hot water. As known from other electrical devices, it was necessary to incorporate these areas into the proven system of the EU energy label. Since September 26, 2015 the time has come: The designation of energy efficiency on the basis of EU energy label is mandatory for space, combi and water heaters across the EU.

Heat pumps achieve the highest classes for all label variants. This energy efficiency is made now even clearer to consumers.

"Technological progress enables us today efficient use of the humanly inexhaustible heat supply of ground, water and air. Already a heat pump with a seasonal performance factor (SPF) of 2.14 or better causes less CO2 emissions than a standard gas boiler with an efficiency of 90%. And because the proportion of electricity generated from renewables continues to increase in our networks, a heat pump will become more and more climate-friendly over the years all by itself."

(quote from the guide ‘The EU energy label in practice´ of the German Heat Pump Association)

And also these additional benefits of a heat pump are mentioned:

+ More efficiency

  • EU energy label: Only heat pumps and heat pump systems achieve consistently high label classes.
  • Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV): Homes with heat pumps meet today and in the future easily the more stringent energy standards.

+ More climate protection

  • heat pumps significantly cause less CO2 emissions than a conventional boiler
  • electricity becomes more and more greener – and with it the heat pump
energy label

+ More independence

  • both individually (PV-own power consumption, power-to-heat / thermal storage)
  • as also for all over Germany (oil and natural gas imports)

+ More quality of life

  • cozy warmth and comfortable cooling in one device
  • clean energy medium, space-saving technology

Product label

The product label features the energy efficiency of individual room heaters up to A ++.

Combination label

The labels for heat pumps for the combined space heating and domestic hot water preparation contain in addition to a column for the space heating energy efficiency also a column for the water heating energy efficiency.

Composite label

Composite systems are always a combination of a space heater, combination heater or water heater and one or more of the following components:

+ temperature controller
+ solar system (thermal)
+ storage
+ additional heat generator

Composite systems achieve normally higher efficiency values as are designated by the product label of the pure heat generators.

Because it is by definition a composite system with a heat pump with intelligent control, most heat pumps will be delivered in practice with two labels - even though they are a single device optically.

SmartHeat heat pumps are full of energy. They achieve a COP up to 6.5 and the energy efficiency class up to A++. Thus SmartHeat heat pumps provide an ideal and sustainable solution for heating and also cooling (reversible heat pumps).

Energy efficiencies of the SmartHeat heat pumps

The energy efficiency specifications of our heat pumps can be found on the respective product pages:

You can download the individual energy label of our heat pumps in our download area.

Watch here an information video by the German Heat Pump Association to the EU energy label for heating appliances (in German language):