Industry Award

The SmartHeat Titan BWi / WWi heat pump covers a performance range from about 8 to 65 kW - and that with only one heat pump, thanks to the particularly efficient modulating operation. Thus the Titan i is a great step ahead over the traditional state of the art. Distinguished by features such as the compact design and quiet operation, the Titan i realizes flow temperatures up to 60 ° C and can also optionally cool in reverse mode option. Thus it gives maximum planning security and is especially suitable for several stages of expansion, such as multi-generation houses, small businesses, office buildings or also child day-care facilities or warehouses... in using hardly a limit is set.

Previous solutions for inverter technologies access only the detached house area. The Titan i goes a (crucial) step further and offers apartment blocks, commercial and industrial buildings to act resource-efficient and demand-orientated. This also provides security for costs.

Inverter heat pump SmartHeat Titan i
Certificate Industry Prize for SmartHeat heat pump Titan i

The company Smartheat Deutschland GmbH was awarded for the product Smartheat Titan i with the title BEST OF 2014 of the INDUSTRY AWARD. Companies with high economic, social, technological and environmental benefits will be awarded with this price.

The SmartHeat Titan i not only uses demand-driven the available power, but can be used also very accurately. As standalone heating or cooling system as well as in the renovation as a supplementary part of an older heater. The sole or additional use to the existing heating system represents high cost advantages (for the modernization of the heating and the later usage). Because also for base load heating the Titan i is an intelligent, cost-efficiently working solution.