Inverter heat pumps

A correct layout of the heat pump is the basis for the smooth long-term operation. To provide the operator demand-orientated with heat (or possibly with cold), there are ways to draw one or multi-stage heat pumps into consideration. These are very good designable just in the higher range. In the small and medium power range the inverter technology prevails more and more. Also in the company Smartheat a focus in the development is set to inverters for years.

By advanced inverter technology, the performance of a heat pump adapts to the actual and current heating or cooling demand. This ensures an even, energy-efficient operation.

Chart Heat output and COP up to 33 kW

Inverter-controlled DC compressors belong to the most efficient compressors at the current level of technology. They convince due to their high use areas with very high performance figures particularly in the partial-load range. State of the art technology ensures very precise monitoring of the usage limits of the heart piece of the heat pump. The control is always striving, to compensate the requirements with 100% of the available services as soon as possible. A limitation of the maximum output is also possible, to meet the heating needs of the building at any time. You can find this technology in the SmartHeat Titan i (awarded with the BEST OF INDUSTRIEPREIS 2014), classic i and bravour i heat pumps.

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