Natural cooling

source: Bundesverband Wärmepumpe (BWP) e. V.
Natural cooling - graphic of BWP e. V.

Many SmartHeat heat pumps prepare warmth not only during the heating season, but also provide pleasant lower temperatures during the warm season. The cooling can generally be implemented in two different ways:

With reversible SmartHeat heat pumps (option "R") operates the cooling circuit powered by the compressor in the reverse mode and thus lowers the existing temperature of the cooling medium, and with it of the building. Because here the refrigerant circuit is in operation, it is also called "active cooling".

In contrast, in natural cooling, heat will be extracted from the water of the distribution system (e.g. surface heating or cooling ceiling) by means of a plate heat exchanger and fed into the soil surrounding the building. Thus this energy is available for the heat source again "in a natural way" during the heating season. In this process only one circulating pump is in operation – the refrigerant circuit with its compressor is not involved. Therefore one also speaks of "passive cooling".

At SmartHeat heat pumps of the series bravour, which are equipped with the option "N" for natural cooling, all required components are already integrated in the device. Heat pumps of other series can get the ability for natural cooling by related accessories.



house with heat pump with natural cooling
  bravour i classic i Titan OEM
Heat pump can be equipped with natural cooling (option "N") x x x !

Please visit our accessories page for more information on the individual natural cooling sets.