smic-system SmartHeat multi intelligent control

„I am more interested in the future than in the past, because I intend to live in the future.“
Albert Einstein

Modern heat pumps must meet ever more complex requirements for heat production in the building management. First of all, it must of course be suitable for the heating and/or cooling load of the building. If due to a renovation there is already a heating system in place, the heat pump unit must be equipped with a compatible modern control system that is future-proof, catering for later smart grid integration, smart metering, etc. All this and much more is now available with the smic-system from SmartHeat.

  • Automatic control of heat pumps based on weather conditions, by means of system temperature adjustment
  • Heating, cooling and hot water preparation individually adjustable for optimum user comfort
  • Controlled passive or active cooling (optional)
  • Heating and cooling curves configurable to match building characteristics
  • Daily and weekly timer programming with adjustable temperature reduction
  • Antilegionella function for integrated hot water preparation
  • Frost protection at source and heating
  • Configurable defrost control for air/water heat pumps
  • Overheating protection in cooling circuit by means of one or more electronically controlled expansion valves
  • Communication interfaces for various peripherals, for example control devices for adjustable compressors
  • Password protection for all critical and safetyrelevant unit configurations
  • Monitoring of operating limits for certain compressor types
  • Control of additional heat generators for bivalent operation
  • Extension option by communication modules for integration into facility management system (allowing for remote monitoring)
  • diverse preset variables for data analysis
  • User friendly graphic user interface in various sizes
  • Power and switching electronics adapted to suit heat pump model
  • smart grid interface
  • Various analogue and digital inputs and outputs
  • Broad range of compatible sensors and actors
  • Evaluation of single-ended and floating signals

Communication module I: Bus card for data exchange between heat pump and facility management system; ModBus monitoring log, optional LonBus or Bacnet interface

Communication module II: Web card for real-time monitoring with well-designed user interface and data communication through the internet; password-protected to prevent unauthorised access

* Please note that not all above options can be combined