Important changes to the "Marktanreizprogramm"

No subsequent application for basic funding from 2018

According to the latest announcement by the German Federal Ministry of Economics, there will be an important change in the application procedures for "BAFA" funding under the "Marktanreizprogramm" (MAP) at the turn of the year:

From 2018 onwards, the two-stage application procedure for all systems, which will be put into operation in 2018, applies in general. This will abolish the subsequent application for non-commercial applicants in the basic funding at the end of the year!

The background of this change is that the ministry plans to simplify the entire promotional landscape. This includes, among other things, also the harmonization of the application procedures.

For all plants which are put into operation by 31.12.2017, a subsidy may still be applied according to the previous procedure - ie following the commissioning. However, the nine-month period remains to be observed. The one-step application procedure thus runs completely on 30.09.2018.

All systems which are put into operation from 1 January 2018 are therefore subject to the two-stage application procedure. For them, therefore, the grant application must be submitted without exception before the contract is awarded (analogous to the promotion of innovation)!

It is therefore important to note that projects which did not receive a funding application before the contract was awarded must be put into operation by December 31, 2017, in order not to lose their eligibility!

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