OEM & custom models for heat pumps

Heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings have undergone huge changes, thanks to better insulation standards and new technologies. Today, heat can be extracted from a wide range of different sources. That is where heat pumps come to the fore, as modern units can recover heat from waste water, process water, exhaust air and even the ambient air. As new applications are being developed, and the requirements for heating and cooling systems change, our development team of engineers, technicians, designers and programmers come up with new solutions.

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SmartHeat OEM heat pump / module
SmartHeat OEM heat pump / module
SmartHeat OEM heat pump / module
SmartHeat OEM module

Heat pumps / assemblies from 2 kW

SmartHeat Energy centre Titan Z

Energy centres up to 2,500 kW

Many system providers outsource the production of special parts to expert companies. We offer our partners custom-engineered solutions based on their individual specifications. In this context, we offer the following services:

  • Development of new solutions and improvement of existing designs
  • Production of components, assemblies and turnkey units
  • Integration into housing provided by customer or SmartHeat housing
  • SmartHeat multi intelligent control (smic)- system or implementation of bespoke control solution
  • Production of small series to match customer specifications
  • Testing on own test benches (SmartHeat operates a climate chamber that allows for the extensive testing of all heat pump types, including air/ water models)
  • Assistance in third-party certification process

We design and produce heat pump series that fit your portfolio.

Given the large number of different heat sources and the specific requirements of our clients as regards heating and cooling performance, off-theshelf heat pumps are often unable to meet the expectations, especially in the higher capacity range.

With the SmartHeat Titan Z, we can offer units that are tailor-made to suit any project and building. All components – from the stainless steel or shell and tube heat exchanger, the scroll or rotary compressor and the optional hot gas heat exchanger– are thereby carefully chosen and dimensioned to meet the requirements. The Titan Z is a perfect example for this approach. It consists of a heat pump that has been specifically chosen and configured for the project, and includes energy-optimised hydraulic components. Titan Z units are designed for optimum efficiency based on the latest technology. Most hydraulic components are installed at the factory, reducing on-site installation costs, ensuring interface compatibility and thus enhancing the operational safety of the heat pump. As the operating expenses of these centres are minimised, they pay for themselves within a very short time.

The programmable SmartHeat multi intelligent control (smic) system enables clients to adjust the heating operation and output to suit their needs and the requirements of the actual building. The smic system allows for remote access via the internet so that the operator or facility management partner can monitor the heat pump performance and adjust it, if necessary.

We design and produce custom-engineered energy centres. Contact us for more information!

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