Innovations from Germany

Large and small heat pumps by SmartHeat

High quality and innovative pumps are at the Smartheat Deutschland GmbH in focus. SmartHeat's core competence lies in the development and manufacturing of efficient heat pumps (in series and special construction) and accessories - top-quality products that serve their users with heat and cold and provide a quick cost reduction with low payback periods.

SmartHeat heat pumps are full of energy and power. They reach a COP up to 6.5, the excellent energy efficiency classes up to A +++. Thus SmartHeat heat pumps provide an ideal and sustainable solution for heating and also cooling (reversible heat pumps).

28 years innovations from Güstrow: the first compact heat pumps, inverter technology used and also air / water heat pumps up to 168 kW can be mentioned here. These provide family houses, commercial and industrial buildings to cold local heating networks.

See for yourself: brine / water, water / water, air / water heat pumps and matching extras you can find in the SmartHeat product portfolio. Made in Germany.