SmartHeat bravour i

SmartHeat bravour - more than 17 years success

The SmartHeat bravour i is a fully-assembled compact heat pump designed for use with various different heat source systems. The integrated stainless steel double shell tank with hydraulic decoupling function guarantees optimum operational safety and hot water preparation. All components required for efficient operation such as circulating pumps, 3-way valve (option R) and quick heating coil are factory-installed. The bravour is available as brine/water or water/water heat pump.

SmartHeat inverter technology

High-efficiency compressors, modern inverters, modules already contained and possible additional options make SmartHeat bravour i to a complete facility management system which can be used, depending on the project requirements, for heating, cooling and hot water preparation, with additional solar energy input.

NEW: SmartHeat bravour i is now available with integrated natural cooling.



Heatpump types Brine/water, water/water
Capacity range 2 - 16 kW
COP B0/W35 up to 4.69 // W10/W35 up to 6.52
Price cost on request
SmartHeat bravour i - standard and optional components
SmartHeat bravour i - standard and optional components

Ranges of capacity of the bravour i heat pump

Capacity range kW COP Capacity level
Brine/water (B0/W35) 2 - 12 up to 4.69 continuous
Water/water (W107W35) 3 - 16 up to 6.52 continuous

Possible heat source systems

Ground heat collector x
Geothermal probe x
Ground heat baskets x
Heat collector fences / solar panels x
Ground water x
Solar collector x
  • State-of-the-art inverter technology
  • integrated digital calculation of the seasonal performance factor
  • Sound-insulated, powder-coated housing
  • Multiple vibration decoupling
  • Max. flow temperature 60 °C
  • Multi-function control (smic)-system
  • Sturdy, stainless steel double shell tank, capacity approx. 250 litres (service water: 193 l, buffer capacity 56 l), virtually maintenance-free
  • 6 kW quick heating coil
  • 3-way switchover valve (Option R only)
  • Hydraulic assembly consisting of high-efficiency circulating pumps
  • Connections to the right
  • Connection via quick-lock couplings
  • Safety assemblies with bleeder valve and pressure gauge (enclosed) & membrane expansion vessel 12 l (enclosed)
  • Option N: Natural cooling as passive cooling
  • Option R: Reversible model for active cooling
  • Option S: Tank equipped with solar heat exchanger for solar hot water preparation
  • Various controller options and bus interfaces for integration into facility management system
  • Brine kit including micro-bubble separator, dirt trap, two multi-function taps for filling and rinsing, various small fittings and flow sensor
  • Heat meter
  • Flow sensor / meter
  • Hydraulic shut for active cooling
  • Pressure sensor
  • Further accessories here

Energy label

Heat pumps of the SmartHeat series bravour i are full of energy. Get a COP to 6.52 and the energy efficiency class up to A++. Thus, the SmartHeat bravour i represents an ideal and sustainable solution to the heating and also cooling (reversible heat pumps).

Type Order number Energy efficiency
combi heaters
Energy efficiency
(composite system)
space heater with
temperature controller
 55°C  XL
SmartHeat bravour 008 BWi H055003008 A++ A A++
SmartHeat bravour 012 BWi H055003012 A++ A A++
SmartHeat bravour 010 WWi H055004010 A+++ A+ A+++
SmartHeat bravour 016 WWi H055004016 A+++ A+ A+++
SmartHeat bravour 008 BWi R H055008008 A++ A A++
SmartHeat bravour 012 BWi R H055008012 A++ A A++
SmartHeat bravour 010 WWi R H055009010 A+++ A+ A+++
SmartHeat bravour 016 WWi R H055009016 A+++ A+ A+++
SmartHeat bravour 008 BWi N H055010008 A++ A A++
SmartHeat bravour 012 BWi N H055010012 A++ A A++

>> Energy efficiency class in accordance with EU Regulation No 811/2013, average climate conditions - Temperature application (W55 or W35)