Heat sources for SmartHeat heat pumps

Eyes on when choosing the heat source. On one hand, sources that can be developed quickly and at low costs are denser than you think, on the other hand it is important to note that the more uniform the temperature of the source is, the higher will be the efficiency of the heat pump. For you, we have collected potential heat sources for SmartHeat heat pumps.

„Why seek far afield? See, the good that lies so near“ - inspired by Goethe's "Erinnerung"

Sources SmartHeat brine/water heat pump SmartHeat waterwater heat pump SmartHeat air/water heat pump
Source earth
Geothermal probe x
Geothermal collector x
Energy basket x
Source water
Ground water x
Waste water x x
Sea water x x
Process heat x x
Cooling water x x
Source air
Fresh air x
Exhaust air x x x
Energy fence x x
Special sources
Solar absorber mats x x
Solar hybrid modules x x
Ice storage x x
Server room heat x x
Accumulated heat x x
Drive power
Wind x x x
PV x x x