Large heat pumps for the indoor pool Juist

Municipalities for climate protection: BWP e.V. awards extraordinary heat pumps in municipality projects.

way to outdoor pool Juist

On October 7th, 2010, the Bundesverband Wärmepumpe e.V. (BWP) awards the special kind of heat pump projects at the 8th forum for heat pumps: Municipalities particularly promoting the topic heat pumps or public buildings serving as a model for the expansion of renewable energies in the heat market. The reason is: Since 2012, public buildings have been required by EU law to serve as role models for the expansion of renewable energies in the heating market. The following projects were awarded: Town hall at Fürth and the adventure pool at Juist.

SmartHeat heat pumps improve the energy balance e.g. in the swimming pools at Emden, Singen, Anweiler and even also at Juist. Titan large heat pumps are used; they are particularly planned, constructed and produced for each individual project. The particular features of these water/water heat pumps: the solar absorber serves as heat source.

By using state-of-the art absorber and SmartHeat heat pump technology the seawater adventure pool was able to save about 35% energy up to now. In summer, the difference of the ambient temperature and the average absorber temperature (conditioned by average temperatures of 15-20 °C) ranges from 2 to 10 K. Under these operating conditions, collectors and absorbers are having a similar efficiency. By combining a heat pump and an absorber solar field, very high efficiency figures are attained for the heat pump since a correspondingly high input temperature is available due to the absorber. Therefore, efficiency figures of up to 8 are attained representing the ratio between the used energy and the emitted energy.

Thus, this indoor pool is another very good example of the many possible uses of SmartHeat heat pumps - to the satisfaction of the operator and of course his guests.

SmartHeat heat pumps can be found in many swimming, indoor and outdoor pools. Various sources are considered: cold water pools as in Homburg or solar absorbers such as here in Juist or Emden, Singen and also Anweiler.